My Portfolios

Paintings of aircraft I have flown myself; I would have liked to have flown; or of the works of magnificent aviation photographers that I admire

Mostly paintings of endangered species and the Big Five

I love Italian architecture and have hundreds of photographs that I took myself, and paint these when I need a break from aircraft and wildlife

These are paintings I did based on black and white photographs of two Dutch photographers Jan Greshoff and Janse Wissema, which they took in the Seventies during the time that the District was demolished by the Apartheid Government

There are so many lovely photographs around of historic buildings as well as interesting current buildings, especially in the rural areas of South Africa.

Every now and then I will paint a landscape and mostly use photographs I have taken myself. I enjoy doing mountains and rock formations.

I live in Cape Town and every now and then it inspires me to paint something. Here are all the paintings that are or were located in the lovely Cape Peninsula

I very seldom paint people but sometimes a photograph will “speak” to me and I will then paint it.

Whatever does not fit into the other eight portfolios is filed here.

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